Better takes pleasure in helping you ‘put your best face forward’ in memorable and beautiful skinmarvelous ways ..

We are a medical Cosmetic Clinic. We provide results oriented treatments without the fluff or the extra price tag!

Come in, get your clinical treatment done, feel the results before you leave.

A good skin care program is essential for Beautiful Skin.

In addition to your cosmetic treatments, you need to maintain the results of your anti-aging treatments. After all, you wouldn’t buy a nice car and change the oil and brake pads at home…

Your warranty for skin that grows younger is regular treatments customized to your skin conditions and type.


Microdermabrasion: deep exfoliation by using a diamond tip or crystal granules. Reaching far deeper than any exfoliating cream or lotion, microdermabrasion removes the upper dead layers of skin cells that lead to a dull looking complexion.


This treatment reveals younger, fresher skin that truly glows. Fine lines and pores are minimized. The dead and dull surface is now gone, revealing remarkably radiant skin.

This treatment allows special anti-aging blends to penetrate deep into your skin for superior results – softer, smoother and healthier looking skin.

This treatment is best 1 week after your Forever Young BBL or nano laser peel treatment.

For younger clients, this is a perfect way to stimulate collagen and slow down aging of your skin. It also helps keep your pores clean and reduce the formation of acne.

Our equipment is sterilized according to medical standards, using the equipment you would find in a hospital.

FRUIT ACID PEELS (Chemical Peels)

Derived from fruit acid, chemical peels are used to refine pores and improve the complexion, which results in skin that appears both younger and healthier. The chemical peel will stimulate collagen and reveal radiant skin with a gorgeous glow!

For certain skin types, this is a treatment that is better suited for results.

Different fro Microdermabrasion, we apply a formula to your skin that helps ‘peel’ the surface layer. It helps reduce large pores, and fine lines that form.

With regular treatments, your skin regenerates healthier skin cells and is smoother.


In the safety of our medical clinic, your skin will undergo deep cleansing, followed by nourishing treatments, customized especially for your complexion.

You’ll derive satisfaction from knowing that upon leaving – you will look much younger and more vibrant than when you arrived.

Natural fruit acids of different concentrations are incorporated into your treatment, giving you baby soft skin and improving surface irregularities such as scarring, acne, large pores and pigmented spots. Fine lines and wrinkles are minimized as well.

* You are assured of your safety and of the best results possible using medical technology overseen by a physician.

We follow the safety standards of Alberta Health Services and are accredited by the College of Physicians and Surgeons of Alberta.

Contact us today so you can start enjoying the art of putting your best face forward.



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