Non invasive Cosmetic Medicine to look younger and fresher.

Syn3rgize is the powerful combination of physician directed medical laser skin rejuvenation treatments created by Dr. Natasha Iyer to celebrate 10 years in Aesthetic Medicine.

1. Forever Young BBL

  • for brighter skin
    collagen support
  • removes red and brown spots
  • removes sun damage
  • Stanford University clinical study proves that Forever Young BBL brightens your skin, removes many visible signs of aging within  2-6 treatments in a year. (Depending on your skin’s age and condition).

It also changes gene expression to younger.

What this means is  by undergoing regular/consistent BBL treatments studies have proven we can actually change the way your skin cells behave. BBL treatment can restore the gene expression pattern of aged skin to resemble that of young skin

2. Nano laser peel

Gentle resurfacing of texture and appearance of skin

  • smoother skin
  • softer skin
  •  even texture
  • reduces small bumps and irregularities

3. Nutricosmetics

Beautiful skin that retains the results of all external treatments for longer requires something more… attention to what feeds your skin.

A potent combination of scientifically proven nutrients that help maintain collagen and enhance your skin cells radiance and healthy renewal are selected for you and included in your treatment package.

SYN3GIZE: the synergistic power of 3 gives you more than triple the results of each one alone.

Book your consultation today and see what Syn3gize can do for you!

Look 7 years younger in 7 days when you combine 3 things:

2 treatments that reach different layers of your skin and a nutrient blend to feed your cells as they become younger… it’s your turn to look and feel younger!

Experience the results of Syn3gize.

We are so sure of the results you will get that we offer a 100% Satisfaction Guarantee on all of our Cosmetic treatments. How? Because our Clinic has a unique approach to Inner Health for Outer Beauty. Using medical science to look after the inner factors that influence aging like hormone balance, toxins, stress and diet; we provide you with all the tools to protect your results and need fewer maintenance treatments over the long term. This is why we have programs and we can guarantee you results. Using our Visia Skin Analysis, we can track your progress and prove without a doubt the results you have.

To Activate your guarantee you must follow the Clinic process:100 satisfaction guarantee logo petit

  • VISIA Skin Analysis and Pictures taken on your first visit
  • Come for your follow up appointment as you’ll need repeat pictures & Skin Analysis
  • Complete your Blood Work as directed by our Skin Specialists and Doctor
  • Have your visit with our Doctor to discuss your Blood work results
  • Follow the home care Prescription given to you by our Skin Specialists and/or Doctor
  • Attend the following workshops: First Steps to Wellness & Skin Health

Contact [Better] today by email for more information and to book your appointment or phone 403-237-2353.


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