Ultimate lady before



Ultimate Intense Volume’ using injectable filler Teosal ™.
Note the augmented (fuller) cheeks, fuller lips and improved jawline.

Ultimate man before


Ultimate man after
‘Ultimate Intense Volume’ using injectable filler Teosyal ™.
redensity eyes
            Redensity Eyes
thermage after

thermage afterw


Eyes by Thermage™.
24 hours after a SINGLE TREATMENT. Thermage™ continues to firm, lift and contour over 6 months. Note the lifting of the hooded upper eyelids to reveal her lash line. Lower eye lids are tightening, and the ‘crow’s feet’ are softer and less deep.
thermage before2
thermage 10months after
1 Month After
thermage 10months after
10 months After
Face and Neck by Thermage™.
This patient has had no Botox or Filler. One Treatment of Thermage™ ONLY. Skin is brighter, tighter and younger. Quality of skin is improved with a more youthful texture and elasticity. Pores are smaller. Fine lines and ‘cracks’ are minimized.

Total Facial Rejuvenation

[ezcol_1half]facial rejuvenation, before[/ezcol_1half] [ezcol_1half_end]facial rejuvenation, after[/ezcol_1half_end]

Immediate results:
– ‘Ultimate Lift‘ for cheek bone structure and adding back mid cheek volume. This gives back a youthful look instead of hollow.
Redensity II: under eyes. Immediate effect is to erase the hollow tear troughs.
Delayed affect in 3 weeks – skin of lower eyelid starts to thicken and brighten due to vitamins, nutrients and glutathione.
Delayed results that take time:
Dysport: neuromodulator that works like Botox.
Treats the frown lines and Crows feet wrinkles around eyes, and lip lines
Skin aging: * PRP – effect will be seen in 3 weeks
Skin will have a radiance and start to thicken up like younger skin.
Fine lines on cheeks, lips and forehead/ eyes will soften
                   *  Thermage Face-neck and eyes: some effects at jawline and reduction of eyelid skin volume; best effects seen 1-6 months after.
Jawline will tighten, nasolabial folds and Marionette folds will lift and tighten further as well.

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