You Deserve A Better Quality of Life

All those years of writing prescriptions, I realized my patients weren’t really getting BETTER. A drug for this and a drug for that…the same dose for everyone, even though every person is a unique individual. Then I discovered a Better way!


The most common statement we hear is, “What happened to my face?”

” I woke up one morning… like it was almost overnight !!!!!”The changes in your skin that make you look older occur gradually. You don’t notice it until that one day, you just see it all! Your jawline has disappeared, your skin is thin and saggy; your eyelids droop. Wrinkles and crinkles and folds make you look not just old, but tired and even sick.

No-one likes to look old and tired. The most common statement we hear is, “What happened to my face? I woke up one morning… like it was almost overnight !!!!!”The biological changes of your skin that are associated with aging occur gradually. Certain factors can accelerate aging and based Functional and Regenerative medicine. We can help you change your look.

The key to looking younger, without looking fake or plastic; comes from a specific approach to restoring skin health, skin youth and skin vitality. Before even Botox or Filler, you need to have a beautiful canvas to begin with. Most patients are delighted with simply getting back glowing, dewy soft skin with a clear complexion. No more blemishes. No more large pores. No more spots and blotches. Once skin is firmer, tighter and brighter with treatments chosen for your age, your skin condition, your hormones and other factors that age your skin: then you get to choose what you want next. We never want you to spend more than you need to, to look fabulous.

What can you expect at Better?

  • a physician visit to look at your medications and health and lifestyle: with recommendations that help stop or reverse aging.
  • lab tests to evaluate hormones and other factors that accelerate aging
  • a Visia skin analysis: we want to see what is the true condition of your skin beyond the naked eye
  • an in depth consultation with a trained skin technologist with many years of experience with skin. Our skin technologists have between 10-24 years of experience working with skin and skin technology.
  • honest recommendations that fit your budget and look at the most cost effective options that give you longer results and need fewer maintenance treatments.

We host regular events and teaching for our clients to be able to fully understand aging: call us to reserve your seat at one of our events.Learn how through science, we reverse skin aging to look younger and stay that way. We are one of the few clinics that have Forever Young technology. after you observe the microscopic skin architecture and then see what is possible: Age reversal. It’s possible!!!

About Your Skin

Your skin is your largest organ. It protects you from the environment, dehydration, and regulates your temperature.

Skin changes reflect your overall aging.

The epidermis:

Is the outer layer of your skin. It consists of 5 ‘micro layers’ of which Stratum Corneum is topmost and what you see. It is a layer of dead skin cells.

Your skin cells regenerate every 27 days.

‘Desquamation’ is the term used to describe the dead cells falling away as new cells are formed beneath. The brightness of your skin is affected by how thick the Stratum Corneum is.

As you age, your skin cells regenerate slower.

Desquamation slows down too and your skin appears dull as the Stratum Corneum takes longer to replace.

The bottom layer of your epidermis is called the Stratum Basalis. This is where active cellular regeneration occurs. The new cells move upwards towards your Stratum Corneum, slowly ‘dying’ until the Stratum Corneum is formed to protect you. Within the Stratum Basalis lie your melanocytes which give your skin pigment.

In the diagram above, it is the layer of purple cells, which are attached to a basement membrane.

The Dermis:

This layer contains collagen, elastin fibres, and a matrix. It starts below the basement membrane/ melanocytes.

Hair follicles, sweat and apocrine glands, blood and lymphatic vessels are in your dermis as well.

As your skin ages, you degrade collagen and elastin fibres,which you see as loss of tone and elasticity and wrinkling.

Under a microscope, there is flattening of the epidermal-dermal interface which is confirmation of skin aging.


Research confirms that it is possible to restore your skin back to younger.

What is more exciting is that the study went on to prove that the changes are modulated through changing the genetics within the skin cells. “…they became more similar to their expression level in youthful skin. …BBL treatment can restore gene expression pattern of photoaged and intrinsically aged human skin to resemble young skin.”

Rejuvenation of Gene Expression Pattern of Aged Human Skin by Broadband Light Treatment: A Pilot Study

Anne Lynn S. Chang1, Patrick H. Bitter Jr2, Kun Qu1, Meihong Lin1, Nicole A. Rapicavoli1,3 and Howard Y. Chang1,3

Figure 1. Clinical and histologic effects of broadband light (BBL) treatment. (a) Arm of a 73-year old female before BBL treatment (dashed box indicates area to be treated and bandage indicates untreated skin).

(b) The same forearm after three BBL treatments with reduced fine wrinkling, hyperpigmentation, and erythema in the treated area (dashed box) compared with the untreated area.

(c) Skin aging parameters show significant decreases in fine wrinkling, abnormal pigmentation, and global skin aging assessment after BBL treatment. The P-value by two-sided t-test. (d) Histology of skin before BBL treatment shows elastosis (original magnification 200, hematoxylin and eosin (H&E) stain) and (e) reduced elastosis (original magnification 200, H&E stain) after BBL treatment. (f) Before treatment, elastosis is prominent (original magnification 200, von Giesen stain). (g) After treatment, elastosis is less distinct (original magnification 200, von Giesen stain). (h) Before treatment, collagen fibers appear attenuated and disordered (original magnification 200, periodic acid–Schiff (PAS) stain). (i) After treatment, collagen fibers are more uniform (original magnification 200, PAS stain). Bars 1⁄4 1 mm each.

Dr. Patrick H. Bitter Jr. MD has created the Forever Young protocols. We are pleased to announce our team has spent time in advanced training sessions with Dr. Patrick H. Bitter MD.


A simple office treatment without needles or downtime can restore your skin back to youth. Keep in mind that aging is occurring at different levels of your dermis and epidermis.

No gimmick. No empty promises: this is backed by science.

Different from common ‘laser’ and ‘IPL’, this particular treatment gives you access to the results you see in stars like JLo and Halle Berry who have not aged at all, without surgery,

They look natural, like themselves with Forever Young BBL. SkinTyte and Thermage  causes strengthening of collagen and production of new collagen within the dermis. This is what stops skin from sagging, and reverses sagging. To take it further, thinning skin is restored with PRP (platelet rich plasma) which adds back radiance. Fibroblasts and elastin are regenerated within your dermis. And your Stratum Basalis is stimulated to increase production of new cells, and return your skin cell cycle back to youthful cycles which are shorter (27 days in youth and 30+ days as you get older.)

It gets BETTER:

You don’t have to have the financial resources of a movie star!

Forever Young BBL treatments range from $195 to $495. Most patients are shocked at how affordable gene technology is!

You can see results after your first treatment.

We are so sure of the results you will get that we offer a 100% Satisfaction Guarantee on all of our Cosmetic treatments. How? Because our Clinic has a unique approach to Inner Health for Outer Beauty. Using medical science to look after the inner factors that influence aging like hormone balance, toxins, stress and diet; we provide you with all the tools to protect your results and need fewer maintenance treatments over the long term. This is why we have programs and we can guarantee you results. Using our Visia Skin Analysis, we can track your progress and prove without a doubt the results you have.

To Activate your guarantee you must follow the Clinic process:

  • VISIA Skin Analysis and Pictures taken on your first visit
  • Come for your follow up appointment as you’ll need repeat pictures & Skin Analysis
  • Complete your Blood Work as directed by our Skin Specialists and Doctor
  • Have your visit with our Doctor to discuss your Blood work results
  • Follow the home care Prescription given to you by our Skin Specialists and/or Doctor
  • Attend the following workshops: First Steps to Wellness & Skin Health

Book your no obligation Skin Health Assessment today.Discover more confidence, and your YOUNGER YOU with customized solutions to restore your skin back to younger.

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You Deserve A Better Quality of Life

All those years of writing prescriptions, I realized my patients weren’t really getting BETTER. A drug for this and a drug for that…the same dose for everyone, even though every person is a unique individual. Then I discovered a Better way!