Have you noticed a decline in your ‘sex drive’?
Have you resigned yourself to thinking it is just a part of growing older?

Here is the real truth:
Your enjoyment of intimacy and ‘sex’ can be better than ever after age 40!

Because the stress of working crazy hours, building your career, establishing a home, raising children is all behind you.
You now have more time and the maturity to fully enjoy your relationship on every level.

Why does ‘sex drive’ decline?

As you get older, your body is more ‘run down’ and depleted. Your hormone levels that help you perform optimally are not being made in the amounts necessary.

This ‘depletion’ also leads to fatigue; which is often the largest contributor to lack of participation in ‘sex’.

As you get older, you develop disease processes that affect the tiny blood vessels that supply your sexual organs and nerves. Many people will have a physiological cause of sexual dysfunction.

What is the solution?

  • Replenishing the basic nutrients is the first step. Email [email protected] to attend our evening workshop called ‘Fuelling your hormones’ and discover simple steps of tasty foods and nutrients that will optimize your hormone function.
  • Preventing further disease processes of aging: yes, you can protect your body and even reverse many processes that will improve your function in ALL areas and your enjoyment of life. Sign up for our ‘Achieving your Success Zones: so you can perform at your peak, have more energy and get more done in a day’ 2 hour teaching workshop with Dr. Natasha Iyer MD to start feeling younger.

Reducing stress and enhancing your mental approach is one of the secrets of people enjoying a healthy sex life at age 70 and beyond. Yes, we have many patients entering new relationships after age 65 because we have helped them return to a more youthful state of hormone balance, energy and mental prowess. Contact Us to receive a report on “’Better sex through mind enhancement’.

  • Bio-identical hormone replacement if your hormones of sexual desire and function are depleted. Through advances in medical science and anti-aging medicine, special state of the art testing is available. Return to your youth and enjoy your relationships on a deeper level again.

Did you know: close relationships and enjoyment of sex has been shown to aid in longevity?

Call us now to return to your Peak Performance: Physically, Mentally and Sexually!
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