(In all areas – mental, physical and sexual. So you can perform better in every area that is important to you.)

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This is probably the most important  letter you have ever read.

Dear Friend,

Do you ever wake up in the morning and wish you bounced out of bed instead of dragged?

Have you ever wished you had the energy to get more done in a day?

Even more, have you seen people who are much older living active and powerful lives and wondered what their secret is???


That you have a strong lean body, you have amazing energy and a terrific memory.

With your eyes closed, take a moment to see yourself in the future. What you are doing with your abundant energy.

With your healthy body…. where are you? What are you doing???

How does it feel to be enjoying your life to the fullest?

With Rapid Health Success  you will have the power to control your future.

Produce specific results in your life and health.

If you want to have more passion and enjoyment in your life, have more productive time to invest in relationships and activities or whatever you want; this very simple and precise program is specifically for you.

Not just for the short term, but a lifetime of transformation that simply becomes part of your life

Functional Medicine is the basis of this training program. It covers everything you need to restore optimal function physically, mentally and sexually!

  • If you have weight issues: you will learn how to optimize your metabolism.
  • If you have energy, you will have even MORE energy.
  • Sleep issues disappear
  • Mood and memory improve
  • If you are a parent, you raise your children with these principles to never lose out on a single day of life.

Do exactly what the super-healthy do: program your body and mind for success

AND you can do it now




This program is one of the most powerful programs because it combines current medical knowledge that few MD’s are aware of; into a simple and easy to follow STEP-BY-STEP guide.

With this program, you don’t have to spend hundreds and thousands of dollars consulting health practitioners.

  • Learn in the comfort of your home.
  •  Accelerated learning techniques help you engage and participate and NOT FALL ASLEEP.
  •  Astoundingly simple information that ANYONE can follow makes this a no brainer.
  •  Shocking news about daily ‘healthy’ behaviours that are actually MAKING YOU SICK.

Here are some of the things we cover:

  • Nutrition myths vs facts: how to REALLY eat healthy and not follow fads.
  • Sleep- glorious sleep: effective techniques to wake up rested and refreshed.
  • Energy suckers: how to avoid the slumps and stay vital and active all day long … and for the rest of your life)
  • Toxic alert: the hidden dangers all around you. Discover how to save $$$$$ while getting safe.
  • The secret chemistry that controls every aspect of our life.

And how to regulate and rebalance it….


Here are what some people have to say after following Dr. Iyer’s simple steps:

“In 1 week, my shirt fit looser. And it was so easy. I have more energy too”
Karen T, MB, Canada

“Dr. Iyer makes health so much fun! I learned more in 2 hours with her than I have in 10 years of research”

“10 out of 10, Dr. Iyer!!! I now look at everything as a whole, and I have a plan! It seems so simple now.”

“I felt better in exactly 12 hours!”
Martin Thom, Manitoba, Canada.

ADD THESE BONUS PACKAGES for a limited time:

  1. A jump drive with travel ready coaching sessions
    (over 6 hours of information)
  2. A 2 hour video LIVE workshop (Steps to Longevity)
  3. An eBook jam packed with health hints.


Risk free:

100% money back guarantee.

$97 a month for 3 months

(with this payment option, I will be charged $97 today and then be billed $97 again in 30 days and my last payment of $97 in 60 days.


$225 one time payment.

To your health and longevity

Dr. Natasha Iyer MD

P.S. You keep the bonuses even if you decide to cancel your membership.

P.P.S. Think about what the difference in your life will be when you get results like a leaner body, more energy, restful sleep or sharp mind…

PPPS. Think about any time you ever delayed making a decision and regretted it: don’t do that again. ACT NOW.

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